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With over twenty years experience, Doors To The Past continues to conduct comprehensive searching into family history. We have thousands of records on hand, our searching facility can cater for all types of searches.

Our Web site is aimed at helping people who wish to start tracing their family history and for those who cannot find that next vital piece of information.

This site is continually growing. A listing of our records can be found on the Indexes page.

We do more than just give you expert advice and information during research.
Clients can also submit a query to be listed on our website as part of our Free Service.

On conclusion of a full family tree, Doors To The Past will present you with an Ancestor chart, a Descendants chart, a General report and a Kinship chart. That's just part of the great service we give to our clients!

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Old Jamieson Court House

In the mid 1980s the old Jamieson Courthouse was earmarked for sale or demolition by the Justice Department. Seeing the potential for use by the community as a site from which to provide some much needed services, a group of concerned local citizens successfully stepped in to save the old building.
Find out more about the Jamieson & District Historical Society and the Upper Goulburn Region.

Old Jamieson court houseOld Jamieson court house

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